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Understanding Horror brings together a number of resources designed to provide choices for those involved in teaching and learning about the horror genre.

Each section has a worksheet, this comes in two version. One that can be edited by staff so that questions and can be added to suit the needs of your own students. The second is in pdf form and can be printed straight away.

Audio Learning

Option 1 - Summary

Provides short summaries of each of the documentary chapters. These can be downloaded on to ipods/mps and used right away.

Option 2 - DIY audio

The DIY audio section is designed so that staff and students can produce tailor made revision guides. It is assumed that students will have access to basic sound editing software such as GarageBand or Audacity. Sound effects are also available on the website.

Suggestions for use:

  1. Essay planning
  2. Practise exam questions
  3. Revision

Students can research the topic using a range of sources, journals, news papers, books and class notes etc. By combining the audio quotes with their own research a unique revision tool can be produced.

Recorded work can be put onto a range of places (intranet, ipod, MP3 players, mobile phone etc) making access to these purposefully developed resources available "on the move" as well as in college.

A small group of Film, English and Media students volunteered to take part in the development of this resource. They comment here on what they learned from using Understanding Horror.

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Other Sections

This website also encourages students to revise with this resources as a basis, the Revising with Understanding Horror offers students guidance on how to start this process. This is complimented by the Further Reading section which has links to the published work of academics featured in the documentary, as well as other useful links.

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Teacher Reviews

•… a valuable resource, it's like a visual essay: engaging, accessible and quotable with academic integrity. P. Allen, Lecturer English Literature & Communications, Examiner AQA

•… a valid teaching tool, for various levels of study. A comprehensive introduction to the genre. A good selection of exemplar material L. Gooddy, Programme Leader Broadcasting, Film & Communications BA (Hons), Examiner WJEC

•…an excellent resource very informative ...explanations are clear, easy to follow and well illustrated. R. Murray, Film & Media Tutor

•…an invaluable resource that I will be using in my own teaching and recommending to others. Very informative.… Dr D. Mellamphy, Assistant Film Lecturer, University College Cork

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Creative Commons License
Understanding Horror (website only) by Train Of Thought Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Creative Commons License
Understanding Horror (DVD) by Train Of Thought Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Copying the dvd (networking, burning, editing out clips etc) infringes copyright and prevents small and large producers from creating new work.

Understanding Horror is copyright Train of Thought Productions.

Train of Thought Production has made every effort to obtain permission on all images used in the dvd and provide a suitable credit as discussed with the parties involved. In the event of omission please contact Train of Thought Productions.

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