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Close Up: Film Classification Part Two: the IFCO

Part II Film classification in Ireland. We spoke to Ger Connolly Director of Film Classification.

Q1. Can you explain what your job title means on a day to day basis? E.g. do you have a specialism?

Q2. Can you briefly outline the different categories that you use to classify.

Q3. In a landscape where audiences can subscribe to on demand film services, the increase in film piracy as well as film only channels provided by broadcasters such as Sky, is classification still necessary?

Q4. How does the classification process in Ireland differ to other countries? For example are there any films that have been given a considerably different rating?

Q5. How do you work with the public?

Q6. Is Ireland generally more or less strict than other countries? Specify any cultural differences that inform classification. E.g. Pride was classified in the UK (15) but differently in the US

Q7. Video games are classified under the PEGI system where does the IFCO come in?

Find out more about the work done by PEGI here.

Q8. Blockbusters are about reaching the biggest possible audience, does this ever cause tension between the classifiers and the film companies? How does the classification process work with release dates?

For more on the history of film classification in Ireland read Dr Kevin Rockett’s outline here

Irish Film Classification Office
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