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Close Up: Phat Tank

Working in the world of independent film is often uncertain, exhilarating and challenging. From commercials to the exciting world of Phat Tank Step Carruthers has carved out a distinctive niche. We spoke to him in his studio in Vancouver

How would you describe your job title?

What does this mean on a daily basis?

You are currently working on a new episode of the rock opera Phat Tank Fights The Monster God.  This time using Indigogo to generate interest and funding, what does this mean to an independent filmmaker like yourself? What kind of opportunities does crowd funding offer that simply didn’t exist the first time around?

Your work has attracted the attention of other filmmakers – tell us how that happened.

How important is a ‘lets have a go’ attitude to creative work?

What skills and qualities would you say are the most important to freelance filmmakers?

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