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British Horror Study Day – Manchester November 2016

Thank you to our hosts the People’s History Museum Manchester, our speakers, Val Terrace, Dan Thackeray and Dr Richard McCulloch University of Huddersfield and to the staff and students that came along – thank you all for being part of the day. Sessions included,

Early British Horror and the rise of Hammer

This session explores the emergence of British horror cinema. From its origins in 19th century Gothic literature, through the early emergence of the genre in the 1930s, concluding with the incredible success of Hammer studios in the 1950s and 60s, we will examine its defining characteristics and explore extracts from key films. With Valerie Terrace freelance Film & Media tutor.

Cults, Codes and Conventions: British horror films and the struggle for identity from the 1970s onwards

Film tutor and podcaster Daniel Thackeray analyses key films from the 1970s, 1980s and 2000s to establish how a changing marketplace and cult appeal changed the conventions, representations and signs found in British horror films.

Sub-genre on Screen Talking Dead: Zombies Movies and Horror Subgenres

Where is the line between genres and subgenres? This session provides possible answers to this question through a focus on zombie films – particularly in a British context, but also in comparison to other horror subgenres. With Dr Richard McCulloch University of Huddersfield.

Photo highlights from the day

Feedback for our Horror Study Day

Enjoyed learning about the society change within films.
Learned about the history of hammer horror and their influence on horror as a genre.
I learned that horror films have developed/adapted over time.
… it was very interesting something we may not learn in class.